Award Year: 2020

Dunbarton Elementary School

20 Robert Rogers Road
Dunbarton, NH, 03046-4808

(603) 774-3181

Mr. Owen Harrington, Principal at time of Nomination

Dunbarton School District

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The SAU 67 mission statements are "Care for each person every day. Teach to touch the future. Learning is our focus." The DES motto is "DES: Where eaglets learn to soar."

Student Demographics
  • White: 92%
  • Hispanic: 4%
  • Two or more races: 4%
Students working on developing a visual representation of DES motto.

Students working on developing a visual representation of DES motto.

Dunbarton Elementary School (DES) is a learning community that has a focus on our SAU 67 Vision Statements: Care for each person every day; Learning is our focus; and Teach to touch the future. We use these vision statements, as well as our motto: Dunbarton Elementary School: Where eaglets learn to soar as guiding principles in all that we (students, staff, community) do to ensure for strong personal learning experiences for every student.

This can be seen with the various learning experiences that are provided to or created by our students and staff. With a focus on balancing instruction and independent learning, along with opportunities for hands-on and creative learning as well as incorporating various 21st century technologies as needed, students at DES are able to learn and explore in a fashion that best meets their needs.

Perhaps the greatest strength of Dunbarton Elementary School, aside from the onsite community of staff and students, is the strong support of the Dunbarton community as a whole. The greater Dunbarton community has clearly placed a high value on its community school, and this can be seen at every turn when one looks into the greater gestalt of the inner workings of DES. Thanks to the ongoing support of the community, staff and students at DES are able to focus on our vision statements and motto in order to provide students the opportunity to develop and grow as individuals, and eventually positively contribute to the greater good of society.