Award Year: 2020

Madison Station Elementary School

459 Reunion Parkway
Madison, MS, 39110-7191

(601) 856-6246

Mrs. Martha Hanna, Principal at time of Nomination

Madison Co School Dist

School Website


Madison Station Elementary, in partnership with parents and community, will provide all students the opportunity to excel through an arts integrated curriculum providing relevant, diverse, and challenging learning experiences in a safe and positive environment.

Student Demographics
  • Black/African American: 15%
  • White: 71%
  • Hispanic: 3%
  • Asian: 11%
Fifth Grade Sugar Station Chemical Interaction Bakery

Fifth Grade Sugar Station Chemical Interaction Bakery

For nearly thirty years, Madison Station Elementary has proven to be a leader in remaining on the cutting edge of student progress and achievement. Through a noble commitment to continual growth and development, students and staff have adjusted and exceeded throughout the ebb and flow of educational expectations.

Membership in professional organizations provides resources to open our eyes to the world of education outside of our community and state. Through reading, through training, and through relationships with educators across the country we are able to see the new sun on the horizon. Administrators and teachers attend trainings, read, watch, and study to learn how to fine tune our craft for enhanced performance.

Relationships and collaboration with others in the field of education open our minds to thinking about topics in new ways. Hearing first-hand accounts and seeing the progress of others, we are able to rethink through our current and practices. We are able to grow through the growth of others.

Thoughtful reflection through analysis of systems, review of data and metrics, and stakeholder feedback opens our hearts to see what is moving our mission forward and areas of opportunity lie within out walls. Connecting dots and carefully reviewing details help provide momentum for sustained growth and provide catalyst for change.

Open eyes, open minds, and open hearts have been the keys to sustained growth at Madison Station Elementary. Through the years, the only thing we have learned to count on is change. Change is necessary for our continued growth and success.