Award Year: 2020

Miami Arts Studio 6-12 @ Zelda Glazer

15015 SW 24th Street
Miami, FL, 33185-5939

(305) 485-2323

Dr. Miguel A. Balsera, Principal at time of Nomination


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Miami Arts Studio works to create an exciting learning environment where students learn the value of critical thinking and the arts along with their rigorous academic programs.

Student Demographics
  • Black/African American: 1%
  • White: 4%
  • Hispanic: 95%
A creative spin on the MAS experience!!!

A creative spin on the MAS experience!!!

Miami Arts Studio 6-12 at Zelda Glazer celebrates the magic of learning through arts education and critical thinking. As an A-rated school, Miami Arts Studio students receive innovative instruction focused on academic achievement and the performing arts. Together we create a place for the arts and a home for the artist where we nurture a society of artists, thinkers, and global citizens who are compassionate, knowledgeable, and confident. Whether rehearsing for their next performance, participating in a performance, working on community service, fundraising, or just having fun together, our MAS students and staff are committed to their school, community, and the arts from early morning until the evening hours. Our unique vision is met by our staff, students, parents, and community working together to reach our goal of creating an enthusiastic and exciting learning environment where all students learn the value of the arts, critical thinking, and community involvement along with their rigorous academic programs. Our objectives of achievement, innovation, cultural capital, and community involvement are met by our daily educational activities. Rigorous academic courses are incorporated into our dynamic master schedule and include Honors, Advanced Placement, and Dual Enrollment courses alongside our hearty magnet curriculum. This delicate balance makes the MAS experience unique as we continuously focus on innovative multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural lessons.