Award Year: 2020

Mexicayotl Charter School

2059 N. Grand Avenue
Nogales, AZ, 85621-1038

(520) 287-6790

Ms. Veronika Garcia, Principal at time of Nomination

Charter School, Title I School

Mexicayotl Academy, Inc.

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Creating the bi-literate leaders of today and tomorrow through applied critical thinking based on the foundation of interculturalism and scholars' cultural identity.

Student Demographics
  • Hispanic: 98%
  • Hawaiian/Pacific Islander: 2%
(Learning about our connections to Mother Earth)

(Learning about our connections to Mother Earth)

As educators we must do something that is significant in our society and in the neighborhoods where our scholars live. This is Mexicayotl Charter School. Many talk of opportunity; Mexicayotl has been successful in making opportunity a reality. Our scholars are successful and will continue to be in the future because of our intercultural education model. This educational process starts with an educational experience where each child knows they are valuable, worthy and special. Identity and culture become the foundation on which individual and community respect is taught. If you expect respect you must give it in return.

Our students' actions demonstrate cultural norms that have been lost, such as greeting with Buenos Dias, a return to courtesy, and respect for elders. Academically, Mexicayotl implements education that is research-based and focused on best practices. In our dual language program, kindergarten students read beyond state norms in their first language and at state norms in their second language. Scholars achieve bi-literacy and earn college credit upon entering high school. Our scholars' interaction with nature allows us to transform STEM to something personal.

Culture and identity allow for the Mexicayotl scholar to continue their personal validation as they are provided an education that automatically leads to the opportunity to go to a university. With the highest test scores in the county and a Stanford University study that finds us number 2 in growth in the state, and educating the whole scholar, our scholars are not the leaders of tomorrow, they are leaders now. So, beyond a Mexicayotl education; everything.