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Kathryn Griffis Elementary School - Caddo Mills, TX

Kathryn Griffis Elementary is committed to growth every day!

Kathryn Griffis Elementary is committed to growth every day!

Built upon vast farmland in Caddo Mills, Texas, Kathryn Griffis Elementary is known for its positive atmosphere and academic excellence. The success of the district and campus continues to attract new residents to the area so housing developments are bolstering student enrollment. With a growing number of students, currently 490, staff are dedicated to educate and grow all students to their maximum academic and social-emotional potential.

Since opening its doors, the campus motto has been "GO." The staff is dedicated to this mentality, which describes the physical activity of purposeful work. It reminds students and staff alike that "great opportunities" abound at Kathryn Griffis Elementary. The inviting atmosphere focuses on teamwork and a drive to move forward. Each person on campus is seen as a team member which creates a family-like environment. Students feel comfortable to learn and take chances as they explore new skills with staff members who genuinely care.

Staff members utilize aligned, data-driven curriculum in each subject area. We incorporate technology and student-led projects to continually enhance learning, build student achievement, and promote communication skills. We use small group instruction to challenge or provide additional support dependent on each student's needs. Kathryn Griffis Elementary also offers a wide range of events, clubs, and activities to foster student interest and talents. These activities, along with campus and district traditions, maintain the heritage of the small community. They offer opportunities for newcomers to thrive in the midst of rapid growth at Kathryn Griffis Elementary.

Kathryn Griffis Elementary School

3639 FM 1565
Caddo Mills, TX, 75135-0160

(903) 527-3525

Mrs. Kendra Kay Mosher, Principal at time of Nomination

Mrs. Jennifer Crystal Bruton, Current Principal

Title I School

Caddo Mills Independent School District

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Kathryn Griffis Elementary believes all students can learn. Our purpose is supporting development growth and high levels of academic performance of all students.

Student Demographics

  • Black/African American: 1%
  • White: 79%
  • Hispanic: 16%
  • Asian: 1%
  • Native American: 1%
  • Two or more races: 2%