Award Year: 2019

Dublin Elementary School

701 North Thomas Street
Dublin, TX, 76446-0169

(254) 445-2577

Mrs. Lisa Weaver, Principal at time of Nomination

Mrs. Kalley Mitchell, Current Principal

Title I School

Dublin Independent School District

School Website


Preparing today's students for tomorrow's world!

Student Demographics
  • White: 37%
  • Hispanic: 60%
  • Asian: 1%
  • Two or more races: 2%
Dublin Elementary School: Every Child, Every Minute, Every Day!

Dublin Elementary School: Every Child, Every Minute, Every Day!

Dublin Elementary is a rural school located in central Texas serving students in prekindergarten through third grade. The vast majority of the 429 students are minorities who come from economically disadvantaged backgrounds. Our successful evolution, from a low-performing campus under state scrutiny to a high-performing campus, is attributed to a culture built upon high expectations, individual student needs, and a strong systemic approach to curriculum. A united coalition between all stakeholders exists to achieve academic, social, and emotional achievement for all students.

The academic success at Dublin Elementary was accomplished through the development and ongoing use of a campus-wide approach to vertically align the curriculum, focused on individual student needs and closing student achievement gaps. These efforts are based on thorough data analysis and timely instructional adjustments. Diligent adherence to scheduled Professional Learning Communities facilitate opportunities for teachers and administrators to analyze data. We also collaborate on decisions for individual student academic, social, and emotional success. Students, with any identified deficits, make great gains, because their individual needs are addressed quickly through targeted instruction via a comprehensive Response to Intervention Program.

The supportive role of the Dublin community cannot be over-stated when discussing student success at Dublin Elementary. The campus gives back to the community through its many cultural and benevolent activities. The school serves as a hub for families and community members. We believe at Dublin Elementary, that the future of our students can only be safeguarded through a successful, educational experience and by living each day with our mission.