Award Year: 2019

Solon High School

33600 Inwood Drive
Solon, OH, 44139-4133

(440) 349-6230

Ms. Erin Short, Principal at time of Nomination

Solon City School District

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Solon High School is dedicated to developing contributing, ethical global citizens and lifelong learners in an environment where embracing diversity is our way of life.

Student Demographics
  • Black/African American: 17%
  • White: 58%
  • Hispanic: 3%
  • Asian: 17%
  • Two or more races: 5%
Solon's Comets for a Cure Week Support Cancer Research

Solon's Comets for a Cure Week Support Cancer Research

Take a breath. Be present. Listen. Express Gratitude. Strike a life balance. Build community. Foster relationships. These might not be the first requirements that come to mind when describing the skills necessary for success at one of the nation's most rigorous academic learning environments, but they are at Solon High School SHS). On any given day walking through the halls of the school, music plays through speakers in the hallways as students transition between classes. The goal is to help students relax during class periods, and encourage them to recharge and reset before heading into their next class. Similar strategies are implemented throughout the school each day aimed at providing the tools for students to mitigate stress as well as to be mindful and present. Solon High School students are increasingly turning to course offerings that meet these needs, such as the nine sections of yoga offered daily. Supporting the social emotional needs of students provides the underpinnings for student success at Solon High School. For example, through the school's Freshman Mentoring Program, older SHS students serve as year-long mentors to ninth graders. They help ninth graders acclimate to the high school environment, and provide tips and advice to help them achieve success academically, socially, and emotionally. This focus on SHS students' social emotional learning also helps build critical soft skills necessary for future success. These skills include: adaptability, flexibility, motivation, empathy, creativity, problem-solving, conflict resolution, teamwork, and communication. And together with extensive academic and extra-curricular offerings, the social emotional learning supports available to students help them to fully experience the 525,600 minutes of their life at Solon High School.