Award Year: 2019

Achievement First Bushwick Charter School

125 Covert Street
Brooklyn, NY, 11207-1101

(347) 471-2550

Ms. Courtney Saretzky, Principal at time of Nomination

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The mission of Achievement First Bushwick is to deliver on the promise of equal educational opportunity for all of America's children. We believe that all children, regardless of race or economic status, can succeed if they have access to a great education. We provide all our students with the academic and character skills they need to graduate from top colleges, to succeed in a competitive world, and to serve as the next generation of leaders in our communities.

Student Demographics
  • Black/African American: 27%
  • White: 2%
  • Hispanic: 70%
  • Asian: 1%
Achievement First Bushwick students grow their passion for learning

Achievement First Bushwick students grow their passion for learning

Everything we do at Achievement First (AF) Bushwick is infused with the same core belief - that all students are capable of great things. Students achieve outstanding results here because this mindset impacts the way we approach all aspects of teaching and learning. This includes programming, interventions, and individualized instruction geared to ensure students, from historically underserved communities, learn what they need to succeed. This pervasive belief informs the way we have chosen to serve students with disabilities through our innovative Empower program. It is also evident in the ways we serve our large community of English Language Learners. It leaves a lasting impression on our students and their self esteem, and their achievements reflect their self-belief.

AF Bushwick is built on excellent instruction. Teachers are deeply invested in intellectual preparation - for every lesson, and in every subject. They have proactively thought about ways to address misconceptions that might arise and quickly identify areas where students need more support so that they can address and close any gaps. Our teachers also define what exemplar work looks like.

We know that the environment we create must set our students on a path to love school. We focus intently on building individual relationships with each child. Every day, the principal greets all students by name as they walk through the door. In the classes, we foster a culture where it is OK to make mistakes - and we find our students taking more risks and achieving more than they thought possible.