Award Year: 2019

Skyline Elementary School

20663 Highway 65
Urbana, MO, 65767-8602

(417) 993-4225

Mr. Jason Pursley, Principal at time of Nomination

Title I School

Hickory Co. R-I School District

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The mission of Hickory County R-I Schools and community is to accept and share the responsibility to provide a nurturing environment and well balanced sequential program of studies which leads to academic proficiency for the whole child to learn through traditional and innovative instructional techniques and to utilize current educational trends and technology to prepare themselves for responsible citizenship in a democratic society.

Student Demographics
  • Black/African American: 1%
  • White: 96%
  • Hispanic: 1%
  • Asian: 1%
  • Native American: 1%
Students becoming life long readers

Students becoming life long readers

Skyline Elementary is located in southwest Missouri in a rural setting. Skyline is a Pre-k through 4th grade elementary with approximately 300 students. Our motto is "Every Child Matters." Every child that walks into our school is treated as if they are the best student in school. Regardless of where they come from or socioeconomic status, all students are treated the same. All students have the same importance, standards, and expectations. We are a no excuse school. We do not want to hear why a student can not do something, we want to know why they can. Every child and parent is greeted with a smile and acknowledgement. We want to ensure that every child and parent are welcome and feel like an important stakeholder.

Skyline Elementary puts a heavy emphasis on reading. From kindergarten to fourth grade we stress the importance of reading and how it is the foundation for everything. Through our Scholastic Reading Program our 300 students read and pass quizzes on over 25,000 books a year. Our library circulation is over 30,000 books a year. We also have open library during the entire day and you will find students in our library every hour of the day. You will also see students reading books walking down the hallway, during lunch, and any other free time they have. The principal's office is an open and revolving door. Inside the principal's office are snacks, healthy drinks, and a treasure chest full of prizes. Once a child accumulates 10 to 25 points from their reading quizzes they get to come to the principal's office to receive their award. There is never a time during the day when students are not in or at least headed to the principal's office for their accomplishments.