Award Year: 2019

Hills-Beaver Creek Elementary School

404 South 4th Street
Beaver Creek, MN, 56116-0049

(507) 673-2541

Mr. Jason Phelps, Principal at time of Nomination

Mr. Todd Holthaus, Current Principal

Hills-Beaver Creek School District

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The mission of the H-BC schools is to empower students to develop the skills, attitudes, and desire to reach their potential and achieve excellence.

Student Demographics
  • Black/African American: 1%
  • White: 90%
  • Hispanic: 5%
  • Two or more races: 4%
H-BC Everyone's Reading

H-BC Everyone's Reading

The Hills-Beaver Creek Elementary School (H-BC) is a part of the Hills-Beaver Creek School District made up of the communities of Hills, Beaver Creek, and Steen and is located in the farthest portion of Southwest Minnesota. H-BC Elementary is home to the finest students, staff, parents, and families. The school has a vast array of computer technology used in student learning and student supports. On two occasions in past years the school has had 100% proficiency on statewide assessments in reading. The school practices a Response To Intervention Plan that provides supports to students at all ranges of abilities, with dedicated time and research proven interventions that have demonstrated success for students.

The staff, of this tiny elementary school, is dedicated to facilitating student success in their learning and life. Staff members spend many hours planning and creating learning plans for their students. H-BC students are incredible! A visit to H-BC Elementary would show you happily engaged learners, who are also driven to be upstanding citizens and practice doing so on a daily basis, through the H-BC Elementary PRIDE behavior program. H-BC Elementary parents are some of the most supportive parents that exist. They are involved with their child's education by volunteering and supporting school initiatives. The Hills-Beaver Creek Elementary School is truly a wonderful place to grow in learning and life. Great Staff, Great Students, Great Parents equals the Hills-Beaver Creek Elementary School!