Award Year: 2019

Prescott Elementary School

1632 W Wrightwood Avenue
Chicago, IL, 60614-2268

(773) 534-5505

Mr. Erin M Roche, Principal at time of Nomination

City of Chicago School District 299

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Prescott School's mission is to nurture creative minds and caring hearts that contribute significantly to their communities.

Student Demographics
  • Black/African American: 15%
  • White: 39%
  • Hispanic: 33%
  • Asian: 7%
  • Two or more races: 6%
Students and their mosaic

Students and their mosaic

In danger of closing in 2010 due to low enrollment, the Prescott School community rallied around high-quality teaching and learning to nurture creative minds and caring hearts in our children. Students and families responded with unbridled enthusiasm!

Today, the diverse school boasts enrollment that has almost tripled in the 120 year old building. With a coherent, challenging, and engaging curriculum, teachers craft rich lessons tailored to student learning levels. Together, 7th graders engineer roller coasters in various iterations; 3rd graders write proposals to the principal about school improvements; 1st graders dive into variables among solids, liquids, and gas experiments to write and describe messy experiments in 10-20 pages; and middle schoolers represent in artwork their commentary on global warming. They all read voraciously from each classroom library of 500+ high-interest books among the almost 10,000 books that reflect the diverse 470 students' backgrounds. A la Responsive Classroom, students cultivate positive relationships via daily Morning Meetings. Classrooms hop with students' brain breaks and hum with teamwork and turn-and-talks. To further these social-emotional learning (SEL) activities, the school's next goal is to align them with standards and assessments while embedding them into content-area units.

Prescott teachers and staff get to know students personally, so they can guide effectively through small group instruction, team projects, standardized assessments, and presentations. At any moment, students construct understanding of and synthesize their world, so they have the skills and values that will help them transform themselves and their communities for the better.