Award Year: 2019

Ivy Hill Elementary School

2211 North Burke Drive
Arlington Heights, IL, 60004-3249

(847) 398-4275

Mr. Scott Kaese, Principal at time of Nomination

Arlington Heights School District 25

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Our school vision is "Be Courageous." Our vision is meant to be concise, so it is on the forefront of everyone's mind, yet all encompassing

Student Demographics
  • Black/African American: 1%
  • White: 42%
  • Hispanic: 6%
  • Hawaiian/Pacific Islander: 1%
  • Asian: 49%
  • Native American: 1%
Canvas images, like this, inspire courageous learning throughout Ivy Hill.

Canvas images, like this, inspire courageous learning throughout Ivy Hill.

At Ivy Hill, we create space. We create a fearless space for passions, connections, courage, and growth. In fact, that is what we do best here. Our teachers, front office staff, lunch staff, volunteers, facilities, and our community hold this space, both physical and energetically, for our students to be present with who they are, and learn from there.

Our students are courageous in the way they make mistakes and experiment because the space we have created empowers them to work from a place of passion and be their unique selves. This is accomplished by valuing differences, supporting each other professionally and personally, and celebrating our successes. What we have discovered is that by allowing this space for students and staff to be themselves, Ivy Hill became a place where students thrive academically and socially. Our students connect to their learning and feel a personal investment to be their best.

Our motto, "Be Courageous" is embedded throughout our school. Our teachers and staff fearlessly do their jobs, demonstrating what courage is to our students. When students leave Ivy, they leave as courageous learners and people.