Award Year: 2019

Eastview Elementary School

540 Longwood Drive
Algonquin, IL, 60102-3051

(847) 532-7400

Mr. James Zursin, Principal at time of Nomination

Community Unit School District 300

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Eastview Elementary School is directly aligned to District 300's central mission: to ensure all students are college or career ready upon graduation.

Student Demographics
  • Black/African American: 2%
  • White: 59%
  • Hispanic: 33%
  • Asian: 2%
  • Two or more races: 4%
Eastview Elementary School gathered together during our 9-11 ceremony.

Eastview Elementary School gathered together during our 9-11 ceremony.

Eastview Elementary school takes pride in being Eastview Excellent. Eastview Excellence refers to teachers and students who work together to reach our full potential as learners. Each of us have our own individual talents, but working together, we have created a community of learners who take pride in academic accomplishments. As a result, success comes in the form of confidence where students are prepared to face challenges that lie ahead.

Eastview Excellence is attained by teachers who take an individualized approach to tailor instruction to minimize their achievement gap, in not only academics, but in behavioral and social emotional areas as well. Flexible/fluid groups are created using assessment data within units, and this small group instruction targets concepts throughout units and this provides any student the opportunity to receive support if they are struggling or excelling with a concept. As a result of these supports, we are able to maximize student achievement.

Chicago Magazine (September 2018) ranked Eastview Elementary School the top elementary school in Kane County. The article reported that Eastview has been named a Spotlight School, an Illinois State Board of Education honor recognizing a high poverty school with excellent performance four times in the past 13 years. According to the article, Eastview had the lowest per pupil expenditure out of the top ten schools recognized.

Pictured is one of our school's finest hours. Students, teachers, veterans and local first responders gather around the flagpole in front of Eastview to celebrate the dedication of our police and fire departments. Each year on September 11, students gather an understanding that these people work tirelessly to keep us safe from harm.