Award Year: 2019

KIPP DC Heights Academy

2600 Douglass Road SE
Washington, DC, 20020-0000

(202) 610-5323

Ms. Gaelan Gallagher, Principal at time of Nomination

Ms Miriam Darby, Current Principal

Charter School, Title I School, Choice School

KIPP DC Public Schools

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KIPP DC At Heights Academy, is grounded in the values of achievement, community, and persistence. We strive to instill a motivation to grow, learn, and improve in each of our students. We set our scholars up for future academic success in rigorous, intentional, and loving learning environments, where they always feel valued.

Student Demographics
  • Black/African American: 99%
KIPPsters all smiles at KIPP DC Heights Academy!

KIPPsters all smiles at KIPP DC Heights Academy!

Heights Academy is unwavering in its commitment to strong instruction and believes this commitment is central to student success. We believe in strong teacher models, guided practice, and independent practice that allow students to talk, think, and learn. Strong instruction ensures students are learning, teachers are motivated to get better continuously, and meaningful relationships are created among students, families, and each other.

At Heights Academy, we create space for teachers to push each other, plan together, learn from instructional coaches, and reflect on their practice. There is a strong culture of collaboration and excellence that motivates educators at Heights to embrace opportunities to grow as professionals and leaders, as they empower each reader, writer, mathematician, and thinker inside our classrooms.

Relationships are also a key driver of strong instruction and creating meaningful learning experiences for students where they feel loved and a sense of belonging. Our teachers genuinely care about the personal connections they have with students and families. Among each other, teachers deeply care for one another and are all working towards the same goal, delivering to students the world-class education they deserve.

While Heights Academy employs multiple strategies to ensure student success, at our core is a commitment to strong instruction.