Award Year: 2018

Kimball Elementary School - 02

300 South East Street
Kimball, SD, 57355-0479

(605) 778-6231

Mr. Timothy Jay Mayclin, Principal at time of Nomination

Title I School

Kimball School District 07-2

School Website


To promote an atmosphere of excellence in order for students to reach their full potential by becoming self-directed learners and productive members of society.

Student Demographics
  • White: 88%
  • Hispanic: 5%
  • Native American: 3%
  • Two or more races: 4%
  • Economically Disadvantaged: 42%
Mrs. Goodall's 1st Grade Classroom Large group session

Mrs. Goodall's 1st Grade Classroom Large group session

The Kimball District is composed of a variety of family styles and community interests, serving a majority of agriculture families. Many of these families are third, fourth, and even fifth generation farm families. Over half of the student population qualifies for free and reduced meals, which has helped us qualify for and develop a District-wide Title Program. Our small-sized rural community creates a strong, authentic purpose in education, sharing the goal of growing successful citizens for our community, state, and world.

We emphasize a shared vision of learning. We promote positive partnerships with families because it truly takes a village to help create successful learners. The community and school are supportive of each other and value the education of all children. We strongly believe positive relationships between staff, students, and families has direct impact on student success.

Teachers and staff spend considerable time collaborating in professional dialogue. Grade-level teams include classroom teachers and specialists. This allows colleagues to work closely together and engage in ongoing discussions about curriculum, students' learning concerns, sharing teaching strategies, professional development needs, and celebrating students' learning successes. Topics of discussions stem from a variety of assessment results, classroom observations of learning behaviors, family needs, classroom management, and instructional strategies that work best. Continuous discussions also guide appropriate placement of students into smaller learning groups. Kimball School staff believe that collaboration encourages feelings of empowerment. Believing in oneself creates a happier environment for learning, motivates teachers to perform at their best, and encourages a positive culture within our entire school and community.