Award Year: 2018

Success Academy Bed-Stuy 1

70 Tompkins Avenue
Brooklyn, NY, 11206-5616

(929) 270-9662

Ms. Marni Aronson, Principal at time of Nomination

Charter School

Community School District 14

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Provide our scholars with a world-class education through a rigorous and innovative curriculum and engaging experiential learning opportunities, preparing them to succeed in college and in life. Our school design emphasizes a love of reading, daily science experiments, conceptual understanding of math, and deep thinking.

Student Demographics
  • Black/African American: 64%
  • White: 1%
  • Hispanic: 30%
  • Asian: 1%
  • Native American: 1%
  • Two or more races: 3%
  • ELL: 3%
  • Economically Disadvantaged: 75%
Principal Marni Aronson with SA Bed-Stuy 1 scholars

Principal Marni Aronson with SA Bed-Stuy 1 scholars

Success Academy (SA) Bed-Stuy 1 is not just a school—we are a vibrant community of parents, teachers, school staff, and most importantly, 397 scholars. Our Facebook page showcases academic excellence, Parent Appreciation Week, second graders who code, an Apollo Theater hip-hop workshop, and scholar Art Showcases. Founded in 2011, SA Bed-Stuy 1 embodies the belief that all children can succeed and deserve every opportunity to excel. A diverse range of cultures make up our school, where 93% of scholars are black or Hispanic. Bed-Stuy 1 has hosted multicultural potlucks and spirit days where families, scholars, and staff can explore the unique cultures of their peers.

Our scholars prove that zip code does not determine destiny. On last year's state exams, SA Bed-Stuy 1 ranked #1 in NYC in math and #6 in English Language Arts; 100% of scholars in Integrated Co-Teaching classes passed both exams. Our scholars experience real-world applications of their math, science, history, reading, and writing lessons, with field studies to cultural institutions throughout NYC. We believe deeply in educating the whole child and offer a diverse range of co-curricular activities for our scholars. A point of particular pride at SA Bed-Stuy 1 is the budding musical theater program, which has previously included rousing performances of "Willy Wonka" and "Annie."

SA Bed-Stuy 1 is one of 47 SA schools serving 17,000 children across NYC, and one of six network schools that have been awarded a National Blue Ribbon since SA opened in 2006.