Award Year: 2018

MS 216 George J. Ryan School

64-20 175th Street
Fresh Meadows, NY, 11365-2199

(718) 358-2005

Dr. Reginald Landeau Jr., Principal at time of Nomination

New York City Geographic District #26

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Bell Award Winner


At Ryan, we have a diverse community focusing on a student-centered environment, promoting respect for all, and maximizing students' potential for high school readiness.

Student Demographics
  • Black/African American: 5%
  • White: 14%
  • Hispanic: 13%
  • Asian: 65%
  • Two or more races: 3%
  • ELL: 11%
  • Economically Disadvantaged: 66%
Ryan Administration, Teachers, and Students From the Yearbook Squad

Ryan Administration, Teachers, and Students From the Yearbook Squad

George J. Ryan Middle School is a large comprehensive middle school serving over 1500 students in the heart of New York City. Serving a very diverse population in the city's most multicultural neighborhood of Queens, we pride ourselves on being the "best kept secret in NYC."

We prepare all learners with a differentiated curriculum that is relevant and meaningful, and that actively engages students in our commitment to high standards. All stakeholders are dedicated to promoting a positive atmosphere where our students' unique talents are developed and celebrated. We believe in involving the whole community as partners in our quest to enrich our students' lives while achieving academic success for all.

At Ryan, our brand statement is: Our secret is simple; we work hard! After reaching a plateau with regards to standardized test scores, our principal, Dr. Landeau, challenged our staff to create our own curriculum in every content area school-wide. Teachers, administrators, and support staff worked collaboratively to create seamless curricula that would lead our students to the best possible academic outcomes from grade 6 through grade 8. Once instituted, the outcome exceeded our expectations. Students' aptitude and achievement levels soared as staff continued to adjust our various curricula to address the needs of all Ryan students, including students with disabilities and English language learners, ranking us in the top 10% of New York State middle schools.