Award Year: 2018

Aviston Elementary School

350 South Hull Street
Aviston, IL, 62216-3407

(618) 228-7245

Dr. Tami Kampwerth, Principal at time of Nomination

Aviston Elementary School District 21

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To prepare and educate children through attention to their intellectual, social, emotional, moral, and ethical needs.

Student Demographics
  • White: 98%
  • Hispanic: 1%
  • Two or more races: 1%
  • ELL: 1%
  • Economically Disadvantaged: 20%
Aviston Elementary School District #21

Aviston Elementary School District #21

Aviston Elementary School is honored to be nominated as a National Blue Ribbon School due to exemplary test scores. Incredible effort goes into this measurable achievement. However, Aviston Elementary School is much more than a tradition of excellent test scores. The entire school community is dedicated to individual student growth that seeks to cultivate a lasting love of learning in each child. Teachers, administrators, staff, parents, and the entire learning community want to be difference makers for these children. The dedication is immeasurable and is visible everywhere in the school.

Staff at Aviston Elementary care about every detail of the students' experience. It starts every summer, when teachers check to see when the wax is dry on classroom floors so they can return and begin preparing. Attention to detail continues with staff who spend untold hours preparing challenging lessons and assessing student work. Late in the evening, or during weekends, and in early mornings, staff can be observed helping students, communicating with parents, and researching instruction and interventions. Teachers attend professional development willingly. Staff takes on leadership roles, formally and informally. Everyone working at the school takes ownership and is dedicated to making the school a great place for children.

Credit also goes to parents and the community for the success of Aviston Elementary School. Parents support reading, homework, the arts, athletics, school attendance, and appropriate classroom behavior. There are positive relationships with the churches, volunteer organizations, mayor, village council, police department, and volunteer fire department. A variety of agencies in the Clinton County area, including hospitals, youth charities, and service organizations also cooperate to support Aviston Elementary through special programming and assistance. The community's dedication is vital to the success at Aviston Elementary School, which extends far beyond exemplary test scores.

There is no secret ingredient, no special program, no single strategy that makes this school a Blue Ribbon Nominee. This school is small, tightly budgeted and definitely rural, but it’s a welcoming place where dedicated caring people work together to set the course, support the mission, and celebrate the success of Aviston Elementary School’s tradition of excellent achievement.