Award Year: 2018

Edison Regional Gifted Center

4929 North Sawyer Avenue
Chicago, IL, 60625-5008

(773) 534-0540

Dr. Karen E Valentine, Principal at time of Nomination

Magnet School

City Of Chicago School District 299

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Edison Regional Gifted Center is a welcoming school community that honors individuality. We develop the skills of gifted and talented students through thoughtful learner-driven experiences. We encourage responsible risk-taking, innovation, collaboration, and effective communication.

Student Demographics
  • Black/African American: 9%
  • White: 32%
  • Hispanic: 16%
  • Asian: 3%
  • Two or more races: 40%
Edison students embody core values of empathy, integrity and open-mindedness.

Edison students embody core values of empathy, integrity and open-mindedness.

Edison Regional Gifted Center serves 271 students in grades kindergarten through eight. Edison children and families reside in numerous Chicago neighborhoods containing highly-varied socio-economic statuses and cultural make-ups. Edison has a long history of academic excellence, which we attribute to rigorous instruction, close partnership with Edison families and the larger school community, and an unwavering commitment to growth and improvement. We at Edison believe that developing teacher practice is the key lever for improved student outcomes and we are deeply committed to developing our capacity to teach students in effective, innovative ways.

Academically, our students demonstrate an especially wide range of needs and strengths and in response, Edison provides an advanced, rigorous and personalized curriculum for all students.
This learner-driven individualized approach is not limited to academics. What separates Edison from other schools with high achievement, is our commitment to developing the whole child. The climate and culture at Edison Regional Gifted Center is often described as familial. Due in large part to our small size and the structure of our master schedule, staff members and students are able to form close bonds over the course of several years. These close relationships empower students to feel safe in celebrating their individuality, to take academic risks and to respectfully challenge the status quo.

At Edison, we believe that mutually respectful, trusting relationships among community members and a high regard for student voice form the cornerstone of a strong school culture. Together, we strive to embody Edison’s core values of empathy, integrity and open-mindedness so our students will become stewards for impactful and responsible global citizenship.