Award Year: 2018

Mountain Brook Elementary School

3020 Cambridge Road
Mountain Brook, AL, 35223-1225

(205) 871-8191

Mrs. Ashley E. McCombs, Principal at time of Nomination

Mountain Brook City Schools District

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Providing an effective, challenging, and engaging education for every one of our students. Lancers Lead! Mountain Brook Elementary promotes the 3Bs: Be Safe. Be Responsible. Be Respectful.

Student Demographics
  • White: 96%
  • Asian: 1%
  • Two or more races: 3%
Lancers at Mountain Brook Elementary lead from the heart!

Lancers at Mountain Brook Elementary lead from the heart!

Learning at Mountain Brook Elementary aligns with the school district's purpose, to provide an effective, challenging, and engaging education for every one of our students. MBE believes that students are influencers of the school, so we diligently amplify student voice. Learners are the face of our brand, which aims to elicit an emotional response of self-worth, to be thoughtful about innovations and practice, and to develop capacity in others because together we are better.

MBE invests in a student-centered approach to teacher development. Teacher voice guides the pathways to learning. Professional learning has shifted from grade level meetings to vertical, interest-based cohorts. The interests of teachers emerge from the interests of students. Teachers work with instructional coaches and administrators to explore topics aligned with district and school-wide goals.

MBE customizes instruction for every student that is comprehensive. Leadership development that is service-oriented with an intentional social/emotional component is balanced with a rigorous, relevant approach to academics. Curriculum, instructional practices, and assessment are evolving with a focus on individual growth. Teachers adjust instructional strategies through individual and small group conferring with specific, timely feedback and a goal-directed focus. All students self-select and track academic goals to evidence growth over time. A shift in mindset has taken place! Teachers invest time for learning that matches individual areas of strength, resulting in increased achievement and ownership.

MBE will continue to strive towards excellence by developing individuals as learners and leaders. We will support the district's purpose by fostering relationships where student and teacher voice is valued and utilized. MBE will lead from the heart and develop individuals who share their talents in ways that positively influence others.

MBE Principal said, "We want to teach our MBE Lancers to analyze their own strengths and areas for improvement with a focus on growth through revision. Modeling feedback and support in an intentional way so that students feel safe and confident enough to take learning risks is of primary importance."