Award Year: 2017

Banquete Elementary School

5436 Bulldog Lane
Banquete, TX, 78339-0369

(361) 387-4329

Mrs. Rita Stracener, Principal at time of Nomination

Mrs. Adriana C Tagle, Current Principal

Title I School

Banquete Independent School District

School Website


Team Banquete creates the highest educational experiences through engaging lessons at an advanced rigor in a passionate, nurturing culture and climate for each student.

Student Demographics
  • Black/African American: 1%
  • White: 18%
  • Hispanic: 81%
  • ELL: 6%
  • Economically Disadvantaged: 74%
Learning is imaginative, active, and fun at Banquete Elementary School!

Learning is imaginative, active, and fun at Banquete Elementary School!

BELIEVE! From the first steps into Banquete Elementary School, students are engaged as they view a colorful "BELIEVE" banner and student photos displayed among the brightly painted walls. As students enter thematically designed hallways and classrooms, they are enveloped in endearing literary classics representing positive life traits including leadership and tenacity. From a yellow brick road to a challenging rain forest to a cat in a hat, an attractive environment transports the Banquete Elementary School family to magical lands where creativity and critical thinking skills foster a culture of exemplary expectation and support. Ensuring a college ready culture, best-practice strategies across the curriculum include individualized learning plans for remediation/enrichment and targeted small group intervention.

A Title I pre-kindergarten through grade five campus serving over four hundred "individual" students, at Banquete Elementary School parents, children, community, staff, and administrators sincerely "Believe Every Student Can Learn" and view each day as an opportunity to maximize intellectual, social, and emotional potential. Developed and implemented by passionate, dedicated, and well-trained staff members, individualized learning plans for remediation/enrichment occur in a supportive community rich in culture and tradition. Simply: the partnership of community, family, and school is key to individual student success. The commitment to individualized instruction and meeting the needs of each child is the foundation of campus success. To the stakeholders, "Believe" is more than a word on an entry hall banner. "Believe" is the Banquete Elementary School mantra for limitless individual potential.