Grove Valley Elementary School – Edmond, OK

Award Year 2017

Exemplary High Performing Schools

Grove Valley Elementary School

3500 NW 192nd Street
Edmond, OK, 73012-9094

(405) 359-3195

Dr. Kelly J. Faught-McCoy, Principal at time of Nomination

Deer Creek School District

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Student Demographics

  • Black/African American: 9%
  • White: 66%
  • Hispanic: 6%
  • Hawaiian/Pacific Islander: 1%
  • Asian: 9%
  • Native American: 9%
  • ELL: 7%
  • Economically Disadvantaged: 10%


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Through blended/personalized instruction, students can learn at their instructional level.

Through blended/personalized instruction, students can learn at their instructional level.


Grove Valley Elementary is a dynamic school that focuses on academic excellence in a warm and nurturing environment. A primary reason that our students continue to improve is the high level of excellent classroom instruction that is provided by our staff. A visit to our school on any given day would find teachers delivering quality lessons and assisting each student on his/her instructional level. We have implemented the Marzano High Reliability Schools Model. This framework for creating effective schools includes the following: A Safe and Collaborative Culture; Effective Instruction in Every Classroom; Guaranteed and Viable Curriculum; Standards Referenced Reporting; and, Competency Based Education.

At Grove Valley, we work diligently to ensure that all students learn. We do this by building a collaborative culture. Teachers pre-test students on required standards and scaffold lessons that meet their varying needs. We use student data from these lessons to make instructional decisions based on the needs of the students. Currently, we are working toward certification of Level 5, Competency Based Education. Through blended/personalized learning, teachers can adapt a single lesson into varying instructional levels according to student needs and focusing on results. Additionally, blended learning allows students to access their learning online, at home, or within the brick and mortar walls of the classroom.

Since implementing the HRS framework for instruction, we have seen our students flourish. We are excited for what the future will bring to our school!