Award Year: 2017

Wood Gormley Elementary School

141 E. Booth Street
Santa Fe, NM, 87505-2617

(505) 467-4800

Dr. Linda S. Besett, Principal at time of Nomination

Laura Jeffery, Current Principal

Santa Fe Public School District

School Website


Wood Gormley exists to prepare every student academically, physical, socially, culturally and emotionally for the next grade and for career and college readiness.

Student Demographics
  • Black/African American: 3%
  • White: 48%
  • Hispanic: 37%
  • Hawaiian/Pacific Islander: 1%
  • Asian: 8%
  • Native American: 3%
  • ELL: 2%
  • Economically Disadvantaged: 95%
Wood Gormley students studying the architecture of ancient cultures

Wood Gormley students studying the architecture of ancient cultures

Throughout Wood Gormley's ninety year history, the school population has shifted from being predominantly neighborhood students to a student body made up of children from across the city of Santa Fe. The student body is a representative cross-section of the culturally and linguistically diverse demographics of Santa Fe. Classroom teachers invite parents, guardians and volunteers to share about their respective cultures with students. Such testimony pushes Wood Gormley children beyond tolerance of difference to an appreciation of difference. Like individual classrooms, the library honors multicultural understanding by stocking its shelves with high-interest books that demonstrate the school values.

The Wood Gormley staff provide every student with a high quality of education and multiple opportunities to meet and exceed challenging grade-level standards in a safe, caring, and respectful environment. The school community holds the fundamental beliefs that a high quality education is a civil right of every student and that in partnership with parents/guardians, teaching and learning comprise the core of our work. Convinced that there is no easy fix for the challenges public education faces, the daily work of every adult in the building is to engage students toward mastery of complex material and to support their learning in myriad ways. The educational philosophy that provides the foundation for this work is the proposition that all students have the ability to learn at high levels with the support of skilled teachers, staff, and parents/guardians in a safe and nurturing space.