Award Year: 2017

Midland High School

735 South Crocker
Midland, LA, 70559-1943

(337) 783-3310

Mr. Todd Briley, Principal at time of Nomination

Acadia Parish School District

School Website


To create productive members of society, establish life-long learning skills and effective citizens for our country who recognize not only rights but responsibilities.

Student Demographics
  • Black/African American: 7%
  • White: 93%
  • Economically Disadvantaged: 64%
Student body, faculty and staff of Midland High School

Student body, faculty and staff of Midland High School

Located in South Louisiana, Midland High is the heart of the Midland, Morse, Estherwood and Mermentau communities. We are a school known for hard work, excellence, and resilience.
In 1998, a tornado reduced our school to rubble. While gratefully no one was injured, teachers and students were housed in temporary buildings during the long reconstruction. In 2001, we moved into our new school with a greater commitment to the gift of education. It was this year that we also implemented a four-day week, reserving Fridays for required remediation for some students or a day off for those who earned it. It is not uncommon for one third of our student body to voluntarily attend school on Friday for tutoring, library use, or extra-curricular activities. Despite numerous changes in curriculum and testing, our students have excelled thanks to this program. Their achievements are evident in the steady growth in School Performance Score as well as recently having been named an "A" school for 2015-2016.

Our success is also due to our school's environment of support, respect, and pride. Our administration's open-door policy provides an atmosphere where teachers and students are heard and supported. Mutual respect permeates our school culture- it is not uncommon to go an entire year without one major discipline issue. Our school pride is due in part to half of our faculty and staff being graduates themselves, knowing first-hand what it takes for an MHS student to fulfill their academic potential as they themselves did years before.