Award Year: 2016

Fairview Elementary School

738 Dorseyville Road
Pittsburgh, PA, 15238-1102

(412) 963-9315

Mrs. Rebecca Stephan, Principal at time of Nomination

Fox Chapel Area School District

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Fairview Elementary exists to maximize student learning, achievement, and development.

Student Demographics
  • White: 88%
  • Hispanic: 2%
  • Hawaiian/Pacific Islander: 7%
  • Native American: 1%
  • Two or more races: 2%
  • ELL: 1%
  • Economically Disadvantaged: %
FV Elementary Grade 3 Classroom; Independent student learning time.

FV Elementary Grade 3 Classroom; Independent student learning time.

Part of the Fox Chapel Area School District, Fairview Elementary is guided by our district's mission to maximize student learning, achievement, and development. Committed to supporting the curriculum practices and efforts, families are involved with their children's academic, athletic, and social growth at school. Children are encouraged to participate in a wide range of after-school classes, play musical instruments, participate in sports, and contribute to service projects for those less fortunate. Fairview teachers differentiate instruction so that each child has the maximum opportunity for growth. Flexible grouping allows students to move in and out of learning groups according to their learning styles and pre-assessed readiness levels. Analysis of assessment data by classroom teachers and the Response to Intervention team monitors growth to ensure appropriate interventions or enrichment. Targeted assessments are used to address early math, reading, speech and language, hearing, vision, physical and occupational therapy needs as well as the need for gifted support. Cross-curricular instruction through project-based learning projects and art, computer literacy, library, music, and physical education classes strengthens students' capacity to apply knowledge across all subject areas. Our learning support staff implements specially designed instruction, adaptations, and accommodations for students based on need. Intensive teaching and errorless learning strategies in our intensive teaching classroom helps students achieve their academic learning goals, social learning, and communication skills needed to develop and maintain social relationships. We are committed to teaching the whole child so that our students demonstrate significant growth no matter where they are on the learning continuum.