Award Year: 2016

Grace L. Roxbury Elementary School

6795 Solon Boulevard
Solon, OH, 44139-4128

(440) 349-6220

Mrs. Carla Rodenbucher, Principal at time of Nomination

Marianne Moeschberger, Current Principal

Solon City Schools

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Focusing on every child, every day, Roxbury ensures all students achieve and become contributing, ethical citizens with the support of our collaborative learning community.

Student Demographics
  • Black/African American: 14%
  • White: 55%
  • Hispanic: 3%
  • Asian: 21%
  • Two or more races: 7%
  • ELL: 10%
  • Economically Disadvantaged: %
Students use technology to access online text and build 21st Century skills.

Students use technology to access online text and build 21st Century skills.

As digital natives, it is critical that our students learn in an educational environment that blends technology and traditional learning platforms. Using technology, students collaborate and communicate with peers, engage in more relevant and creative assignments and projects, and demonstrate their understanding and mastery of content and skills.

Roxbury kindergarten and first grade students use iPads for exposure to online text and other learning activities. Students in grades 2-4 use time in writing workshop with paper and pencil to organize their thoughts and plan their writing, but then use student-sized laptops and Chromebooks to compose their work. Using Google classroom, students share their writing with peers and teachers to receive effective feedback to time learning. With the aid of technology, students research, discover, and publish work that reflects deeper and more meaningful linkages in their work.

Reading electronically helps readers build vocabulary and comprehension skills as they can look up challenging words in the moment. The built-in tools support students in stretching their thinking and reading more difficult texts.

Teachers utilize YouTube videos as resources for Roxbury's work with a growth mindset. Mindset Monday video messages often feature people who have persevered through challenges. Class discussions spur connections about working hard and taking risks with learning.

Technology impacts our entire school and levels the learning field as every student can find success in some way. Most important, technology broadens our students' reach beyond their classroom and school, connecting them to a more global audience.