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Big Apple Academy - Brooklyn, NY

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Big Apple Academy at a Glance

With its long established motto, the Big Apple Academy is an elementary and junior high school "Where Excellence Meets Tradition." Located in a uniquely diverse neighborhood in Brooklyn, NY, the Academy is proud of its high performance standing and its assumed role as a dynamic, multicultural educational center. The bilingual nature of the Academy's community welcomes students of all international backgrounds from all five boroughs of New York City. The Academy strives to provide excellence in education to first and second generation immigrant students. ELL students are encouraged to integrate into regular classes in which our educators differentiate teaching instruction to serve the bilingual students effectively. Whether developing their knowledge of a second language, or strengthening students' knowledge in the core subjects, the Academy prepares its students to become assimilated and ready for their future academic and social challenges. The Academy has also been in part successful as a result of its unique grouping of students into cohorts of learning communities. The school successfully implements a looping system in which teachers work with and follow the same class of children, progressing with them from one grade level to the next. The success of the learning community model is evident in the Academy's outstanding results on standardized exams, and national and regional competitions in mathematics, the sciences and the English language arts.

Big Apple Academy

2937 86th Street
Brooklyn, NY, 11223-4603

(718) 333-0300

Mr. Vlad Gorny, Principal at time of Nomination

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The school's mission is to enrich the intellectual lives of students through rigorous curricula and promotion of self-discipline to succeed in academia and beyond.

Student Demographics

  • White: 100%
  • ELL: 1%
  • Economically Disadvantaged: %