Award Year: 2016

Everest Collegiate High School and Academy

5935 Clarkston Road
Clarkston, MI, 48348-4711

(248) 241-9018

Mrs. Susan Ender, Principal at time of Nomination

Archdiocese of Detroit

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To shape Christian leaders who will transform society according to the standards of the Gospel. Everest is dedicated to providing the highest quality Catholic education through the development of the whole person (Integral Formation®) encompassing the commitment to teach, to educate, and to form. Everest Collegiate High School graduates are motivated, self-confident Christian leaders who are prepared and committed to transform society.

Student Demographics
  • Black/African American: 1%
  • White: 78%
  • Hispanic: 12%
  • Asian: 5%
  • Two or more races: 4%
  • ELL: 14%
Everest students recognized for outstanding achievements at year-end ceremonies.

Everest students recognized for outstanding achievements at year-end ceremonies.

As a Pre-K - 12 institution, Everest Collegiate High School & Academy offers a unique educational experience for children at both the elementary and high school levels. Everest excels at offering a strong academic, character, and spiritual formation program designed to be experienced by each student in a highly personal way.

This is accomplished through an approach that seeks for each student to receive the greatest, personal impact from his or her education. An important pedagogical principle that acts as a catalyst for student growth is our commitment to personalized attention. Not only is the teacher meant to be both educator and character guide, but several support staff, including academic coordinators, deans of students, priests, counselors, and principals, contribute to the development of each student.

Everest also implements a gender-specific academic program from grades 3-12. This environment allows us to leverage distinctive boys' and girls' program elements, so that students have healthy and supportive educational environments in which faculty and staff can respond to the very different needs of boys and girls. Additionally, Everest is able to provide important co-educational, extra and co-curricular opportunities on one campus in which students can participate outside of the classroom. This enables all of our students to socialize, to learn to work together, and to integrate in positive, constructive ways.

Our gender-specific environment coupled with our philosophy of personalized attention strategically supports our educational philosophy called Integral Formation©, making possible complete intellectual, spiritual, and human formation where no aspect of our students' development is overlooked.