Award Year: 2016

Noelani Elementary School

2655 Woodlawn Drive
Honolulu, HI, 96822-1840

(808) 988-1858

Dr. Rochelle Mahoe, Principal at time of Nomination

Honolulu, Hawaii

School Website


Noelani provides enriching opportunities to develop life long learners who contribute to our global society.

Student Demographics
  • Black/African American: 1%
  • White: 13%
  • Hispanic: 8%
  • Hawaiian/Pacific Islander: 8%
  • Asian: 47%
  • Two or more races: 23%
  • ELL: 6%
  • Economically Disadvantaged: %
Noelani Elementary School -  Heavenly Mist

Noelani Elementary School - "Heavenly Mist"

Noelani Elementary School is located in Manoa Valley, an old and established community, on the island of Oahu. Noelani is a place where everyone feels safe, supported and treats each other with aloha. Our mission is to provide enriching opportunities to develop lifelong learners who contribute to our global society. We encourage individuals to think independently and creatively, challenge their thinking, embrace curiosity and ho`omau (persevere).

Through collaborative efforts and unity of purpose, Noelani works with our students, families and community partners to provide rigorous and balanced curriculum to develop the whole child. It is our shared belief to nurture responsible global citizens and to do so we need to expose students to a range of subject matters and interests. In addition to the core subject matters, all students, from Kindergarten through Grade 5, participate in visual and performing arts, physical, health, and character education, and technology classes.

Noelani is a school filled with naturally curious students who enjoy the process of learning. Nurturing this curiosity is one of our top priorities as we seek to design lessons that include collaborative conversations and problem solving. Students learn to engage in discussions to help process, internalize, and build new learning. Peers help peers as they share their ideas and process understanding together. In addition, Noelani provides students with opportunities to take their learning beyond the classroom and into the world around them via grade level excursions and community service learning projects.