Award Year: 2016

Center City PCS-Congress Heights Campus

220 High View Place S.E.
Washington, DC, 20032-9998

(202) 562-7070

Mrs. Niya White, Principal at time of Nomination

Charter School, Title I School, Choice School

Center City Public Charter Schools

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To empower our students for lifelong success, by building strong character, promoting academic excellence, and generating public service throughout

Student Demographics
  • Black/African American: 100%
  • Economically Disadvantaged: %
A second grade scholar modeling for her class how to commit content to memory through song and motion.

A second grade scholar modeling for her class how to commit content to memory through song and motion.

CCPCS-Congress Heights lives in a neighborhood plagued with poverty, violence, and shrinking options for children. It is within this very environment that we rebuild our students to strive in Character, Excellence, and Service. Our school exists to provide our students with their own personal mission and vision for their future successes in life, outside of the status quo of their surroundings.

With Character we work to build our scholars into being good citizens that know how to positively communicate and interact with their peers and mentors in a multitude of settings.

With Excellence, we push students towards their greatest potential through holding data conversation with students so that they can track their own progress to meet their personal and academic goals. Students are prepped for a high school and college trajectory by the novels they read, as well as the rationales and projects that students are challenged with, to make connections between their classrooms and their real world.

With Service, students are inspired to serve not only their school community, but the world that surrounds them. We foster a will to seek out opportunities for all scholars PK-3 through 8th grade, to strategize how they are enough to make a change in this world for various people and instances of life.

Educating students to grow academically, as well as socially, in tandem to produce well-rounded students prepared to lead in the 21st century is what Center City PCS-Congress Heights does, and why we are a National Blue Ribbon School.