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Melrose Elementary School - Melrose, NM

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Computer Science

What does it mean to be a buffalo? When asked this question, most people would not know how to respond. This is most definitely not the case in Melrose, New Mexico, where the buffalo is the school mascot. The well-developed dedication and support for the school system is seen throughout the entire community. Students are highly motivated and engaged in all it takes to become a successful member of society. The development of student academics, socialization skills, and emotional growth is an essential part of student advancement at Melrose Elementary School. Teachers and students work together to accomplish the essential goals of community enhancement as well as personal growth. Melrose Elementary is the ideal location for teachers and students to become engaged in the learning process as well as to be motivated for success.

When considering the development of student academics, socialization skills, and emotional growth, Melrose Elementary School is more than capable of exceeding all expectations. Academically, students are encouraged to express their capabilities through multiple avenues that spark their interest and encourage them to learn. Activities such as computer technology classes, science fairs, and historical wax museums encourage students to develop adoration for learning that will last for a lifetime. Teachers are also optimistic and motivated in the academic learning environment by each other, the administration, and through professional development. Socially, students in the elementary school are encouraged to participate in multiple sports activities, musicals, and plays that not only give them confidence to participate in front of their peers, but also allow them to expand their ability to enhance their membership into society. The culture of the Melrose community is a well-developed sense of pride that reflects not only on the school but throughout the entire town as well. The emotional growth of the students fostered at Melrose Elementary helps them to become educated, determined, and accomplished individuals with the confidence to pursue any opportunity that they can imagine. Through all of this, it is clear that to be a buffalo is an extraordinary accomplishment in the culture of the learning environment that is cherished by the students and teachers at Melrose Elementary School.

Melrose Elementary School

100 East Missouri Avenue
Melrose, NM, 88124-0000

(575) 253-4269

Mr. Jamie Widner, Principal at time of Nomination

Mr. Jack Props, Current Principal

Title I School


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Melrose Schools - Pursuing Excellence on a Daily Basis.

Student Demographics

  • White: 84%
  • Hispanic: 14%
  • Native American: 2%
  • Economically Disadvantaged: %