Award Year: 2014

Caughlin Ranch Elementary School

4885 Village Green Parkway
Reno, NV, 89519-0905

(775) 689-2600

Mrs. Melissa Thoroughman, Principal at time of Nomination


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The Caughlin Ranch Elementary School community is dedicated to the pursuit of educational excellence for every student through challenging educational opportunities.

Student Demographics
  • White: 76%
  • Hispanic: 8%
  • Asian: 8%
  • Two or more races: 8%
  • ELL: 4%
  • Economically Disadvantaged: %
Caughlin Ranch Students

Caughlin Ranch Students

Caughlin Ranch Elementary School believes, it is only when you have high expectations for yourself and others, that you can achieve great things. As a result, their students continue to excel and grow.

Caughlin Ranch Elementary continues to earn the "5-Star" ranking from the state and district levels. So much so, that families purchase property in our school zone to secure enrollment due to extensive waiting lists for variances. Reasons for this include our diverse program offerings. The SWAS (School Within A School) supports highly-gifted 3rd to 6th grade students from across the district scoring in the 99th percentile on gifted assessments for qualification. Additionally, two Autistic Strategies classrooms equip special-needs children with the strategies to support success in mainstream classrooms. Community support is key to success. The PTA has successfully raised hundreds of thousands of dollars in an effort to update the school’s technology. Money is currently being raised to purchase four mobile laptop labs. PTA has also funded Promethean Activ-boards in all classrooms and laptops for all staff.

Data drives instruction at Caughlin Ranch. Formative data is collected and displayed for each student in Reading and Mathematics. Teachers regularly analyze data to increase achievement. Proficiency standards are not only met, but rather exceed, evidenced by growth from a ninety percent student proficiency to ninety-five percent of students demonstrating proficiency in Math, Literacy, and Science in the last three years. Collaboration through shared leadership is evidenced in data discussions, professional development, and family engagement.

Students repeat the Caughlin Ranch Promise daily and end with this quote..." We are the Caughlin Ranch Colts-The Best in the West." Students are encouraged to believe in themselves and strive to be the best.