Award Year: 2014

Nisswa Elementary School

5533 Lakers Lane
Nisswa, MN, 56468-4700

(218) 961-6860

Mrs. Molly Elizabeth Raske, Principal at time of Nomination

Brainerd Public Schools

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With our community stakeholders, we ensure all students reach their potential by providing the highest-quality programming and resources in preparation for an ever-changing global society.

Student Demographics
  • Black/African American: 1%
  • White: 98%
  • Native American: 1%
  • Economically Disadvantaged: %
Only in Nisswa

Only in Nisswa

Across rural Minnesota, every indicator of economic and social well-being reinforces the belief that communities with their own schools fare significantly better than communities without. Nisswa School is located in the heart of Nisswa and the community’s commitment to students is immeasurable. Service organizations, businesses, and merchants treat the elementary children like they are the heartbeat of the community, and have done so for decades. From kindergarten treks to the Nisswa Fire Department atop fire trucks, to Halloween treats being doled out by downtown merchants lined up in front of their Main Street shops, to meaningful ceremonies hosted by the Nisswa American Legion Club, Nisswa students, families, and staff are reminded that they are a welcome and valued part of the community.

Nearly 15 percent of current student population is "open enrolled" from other districts. Nisswa believes it is something they "have" that draws these students to their school, but most likely it’s something they "do". Nisswa seeks to nurture a relationship with their small-town community while providing students with all of the amenities found in a larger school district. Nisswa is small, community-focused, evolving…and truly appreciative of all the opportunities afforded their students. Nisswa Elementary staff is highly trained, devoted, and passionate professionals who teach community, the value of lifelong learning and grit via their inspiring example. Student achievement is the goal as they provide children in grades PreK-4 with rigorous academic programming and the support necessary for all to be successful. Nisswa is LAKERS PRIDE!