Award Year: 2014

South Central Calhoun Elementary School

330 Brower Street
Rockwell City, IA, 50579-1709

(712) 297-8621

Mrs. Nicole C. McChesney, Principal at time of Nomination

South Central Calhoun Community Schools

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To meet the physical, social, emotional, behavioral, and intellectual needs of every child, every day, for every future.

Student Demographics
  • White: 96%
  • Hispanic: 2%
  • Two or more races: 2%
  • Economically Disadvantaged: %
Welcome to South Central Calhoun Elementary School!

Welcome to South Central Calhoun Elementary School!

The vision of South Central Calhoun Elementary is to be a school where staff and students excel, parents and community care. It’s a vision that shoots past proficient, settling for nothing less than excellence, and includes the active participation of families and patrons. It’s an attainable vision because staff embrace a common mission to meet the needs of every child, every day, for every future. Teachers are dedicated to effective pedagogy and genuine relationships. Skilled paraprofessionals make targeted interventions and personal attention doable. Non-certified staff contribute to a positive, encouraging climate. Families attend school events and maintain regular contact with teachers at a participation rate of 97%. And a core of senior citizens volunteer weekly, investing in the academic skills and self-worth of students. Fidelity to the school mission is ensured by three leadership teams. The "Common Core" Team oversees data analysis, professional development, and academic programs like summer school. The "Community Connections and Celebrations" Team engages the school with the community through programs like the Foster Grandparent partnership at a local nursing home. The "Climate, Culture, Character and Conduct" Team sets, teaches, and reinforces expectations for student behavior. Shared leadership and collaboration between school and community ensure that the physical, emotional, and intellectual needs of all students are met.