Award Year: 2014

Doral Performing Arts & Entertainment Academy

11100 NW 27th Street
Doral, FL, 33172-5001

(305) 597-9950

Mr. Douglas Rodriguez, Principal at time of Nomination

Charter School

Miami Dade

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Our mission is preparing students with the academic skills that foster success in any rigorous educational setting while instilling a belief in their own efficacy.

Student Demographics
  • Black/African American: 3%
  • White: 8%
  • Hispanic: 88%
  • Asian: 1%
  • Economically Disadvantaged: %
Doral Performing Arts and Entertainment Firebird TV Production

Doral Performing Arts and Entertainment Firebird TV Production

Doral Performing Arts and Entertainment Academy is located in Doral, Florida, nestled between a residential neighborhood and industrial warehouse businesses, just minutes away from the bustling Miami City. Selection of students is first based on talent and then through a lottery process. Currently programs are offered in the visual arts, photography, acting, musical theater, dance, instrumental music, vocal music, and television production. Students receive hands-on, real world experiences in these programs from instructors with many years of experiences in their fields. All of the students are given the opportunity to enroll in courses at a variety of levels that accommodate their learning needs and educational aspirations. Students can begin their college coursework while in high school and earn an Associate’s Degree at the same time. Students are constantly reminded that although the school is a performing arts school, college is a priority. Doral believes that engaging families and communities contributes to greater academic achievement and to the improvement of the school as a whole. This model of engagement is predicated on three core beliefs: 1) student achievement increases the more knowledge parents have about their children’s school experience; 2) greater involvement of families through non-academic channels still contributes to greater academic buy-in by all; and 3) the more a school invests in a community, the more resources, support networks, and allies are available to bolster the health and vitality of the school holistically.