Award Year: 2014

Georgina P. Blach Junior High School

1120 Covington Road
Los Altos, CA, 94024-5005

(650) 934-3800

Mrs. Sandra McGonagle, Principal at time of Nomination

Los Altos School District

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Blach inspires a passion for learning and prepares all students to thrive in our rapidly changing global community.

Student Demographics
  • White: 57%
  • Hispanic: 5%
  • Asian: 26%
  • Two or more races: 11%
  • ELL: 1%
  • Economically Disadvantaged: %
A homeroom float for the Blach Homecoming Parade.

A homeroom float for the Blach Homecoming Parade.

Georgina P. Blach Junior High School is an amazing place to learn. We believe strongly that our great success is a community effort: students who are eager to learn, a passionate and talented staff who has high expectations for all, parents who care deeply about their child’s education, and a district that supports innovative learning. It would be easy to continue doing what we’ve always done, but we are aware that our learners are changing, as is the world; we are constantly striving for continuous growth as educators. We have a very strong core academic program, yet also have elective strength with music, art, languages and a wide variety of classes to meet all student needs and interests. We are a small school, which enables teachers and staff to know the students and parents well, promoting a strong sense of school community. We also have a thriving Special Education department with a variety of specialized classes serving a wide set of students with varying needs. One of our parents shared her thoughts about our school, stating, "Blach teachers are passionate about their subjects, supportive of students, excel at communicating with parents, and strive to always improve their classes and grow in their capacity as teachers. The staff choose to teach this particular age group of students because they love, understand and believe in them." Our rigorous academic program, care of student needs, active and supportive community, and growth attitude are what makes Blach School worthy of National Blue Ribbon status.