Award Year: 2013

New Prospect Elementary School

9251 Highway 9
Inman, SC, 29349-6982

(864) 592-1970

Jodi Wright, Principal at time of Nomination

Spartanburg School District 1

School Website


The mission of New Prospect Elementary is to educate and empower our students so that they are prepared to reach their fullest potential.

Student Demographics
  • Black/African American: 5%
  • White: 86%
  • Hispanic: 3%
  • Asian: 2%
  • Two or more races: 4%
  • ELL: 9%
  • Economically Disadvantaged: %

New Prospect Elementary is a unique Title One school where our community is committed to providing the best instruction for our students to become life-long learners equipped for success in the twenty first century. We believe that it is the right of every child to have the best education possible; therefore, we embrace the challenges of meeting the individual needs of students who have a diversity of abilities and learning styles. We believe there is no excuse for allowing any child in our school to be left behind. Through kid-watching, we take a closer look at what we are doing in order to provide opportunities for continual learning, growth and success. Our commitment to our students has led us to accept this challenge. Reading Recovery strategies are implemented throughout the curriculum as a result of our inquiry to discover more effective ways to meet the needs of students. We are fortunate to have dedicated teachers who volunteer once a week to offer an after-school program, so our most “at-risk” learners can become successful students.

In order for our expectations to be realistic and achievable, we utilize a variety of assessments to discover what our students can do and what they need to do next in order to be successful. Instruction is custom designed with an emphasis on strategic thinking with best practices towards College and Career Readiness. Our Professional Learning Communities give us opportunities to examine our beliefs about students’ learning while we reflect on what we have done in the past, take a closer look at what we are doing, and build on this strong foundation to achieve even greater things in the future.