Award Year: 2013

Chisholm High School

4018 West Carrier Road
Enid, OK, 73703-1018

(580) 233-2852

Jaymie Morley, Principal at time of Nomination

Chisholm Public Schools

School Website


To empower students to strive for personal excellence while growing in mind, body, and spirit.

Student Demographics
  • Black/African American: 2%
  • White: 90%
  • Hispanic: 3%
  • Asian: 1%
  • Native American: 4%
  • ELL: 1%
  • Economically Disadvantaged: %

The campus of Chisholm High School is on the north edge of the city limits of Enid, OK whose primary industries are agriculture, oil, and gas. It is the only high school in the Chisholm Public School district with approximately 287 students in grades 9-12. Chisholm students are predominantly Caucasian with 22% of the families being considered low income.

Students at Chisholm High School are asked to strive for personal excellence in mind, body, and spirit. Rigorous curriculum is aligned with Common Core Standards with a focus on college and career readiness. Instructional practices are research-based and promote high levels of academic achievement. Faculty members use formative and summative assessments to monitor progress. Remediation is built into the school day each Friday for those students who need extra support. Faculty members come early and stay late each day to insure all students have the opportunity to learn.

Students know at Chisholm High School all people are treated fairly with dignity and respect. They are encouraged to become part of extracurricular organizations and participate in extracurricular activities throughout the year. Relationships between faculty and students are built through these organizations as well as Advisory time each Friday. Leadership skills and volunteerism are taught through the various organizations and then students are given the responsibility to use the skills learned to improve their school and community. Positive reinforcement is given to students for exhibiting good character, showing personal excellence in an area, or encouraging others to grow in mind, body, and spirit. Students who consistently exhibit good school attendance, grades, and positive behavior are rewarded each nine weeks with a Chisholm PRIDE trip to various locations.