Award Year: 2013

The First Academy Middle School

2667 Bruton Boulevard
Orlando, FL, 32805-5726

(407) 206-8651

Luci Higgins, Principal at time of Nomination

Mrs. Carol Grosshans, Current Principal


School Website


To prepare children for life as Christian leaders who choose character before career, wisdom beyond scholarship, service before self, and participation as a way of life.

Student Demographics
  • Black/African American: 4%
  • White: 79%
  • Hispanic: 8%
  • Asian: 5%
  • Two or more races: 4%

TFA's vision is forge an enduring partnership between church, home and school that will produce powerful and effective student leaders who will impact their world for Christ through Biblical thought and action.

TFA recognizes that students differ in learning style, interest and readiness. As a result, we endeavor to meet our students where they are and foster continual growth. Teachers promote educational excellence and lifelong learning with engaging instruction that emphasizes rigorous standards and technology use.

Hands-on and cooperative opportunities are an integral part of the learning experience. Document cameras, smart boards, desktops, laptops, iPads, iPods and LCD projectors are used to enhance lessons and appeal to as many of the multiple intelligences as possible. Auditory instruction includes directed teaching, demonstrations and student presentations. It is not unusual to find History students up to their elbows in mustard, marshmallows, toothpaste and spinach and see cooperative groups building a pyramid or The Great Wall of China through which the visual and kinesthetic needs of the learner are met. A student survey revealed that ninety-four percent of students felt that teachers presented information in a way that could be easily grasped and communicated ideas well, using examples to further explain an understanding of the concept or task most/some of the time. Eighty-three percent of students reported that teachers incorporated projects and group activities into class most/some of the time. Teachers have received various Kagan training opportunities affording them an understanding of cooperative teaching and learning methods which are used in the classroom. Faculty strives to unlock the strengths of each student with a passion to teach the mind and reach the heart.