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Audio: College Readiness Through Mastery Learning and Teaching

Photo of University Academy—Upper SchoolUniversity Academy—Upper School
Kansas City, MO

University Academy Upper School is a 9-12 high school located in Kansas City, Missouri and is on a mission to prepare students, Photo of Pep Rally University Academy—Upper Schoolnot only for college admission, but also for college success. With a high school graduation rate of 100%, this mission-focused public charter high school located in an urban center is seeing results. What’s the secret? In the podcast below, Principal Clement Ukaoma describes UA’s approach and points to the Mastery Learning and Teaching Protocol as the key to providing a framework that has helped students persist and achieve. You can download the transcript of Dr. Ukaoma’s talk here and discover more about University Academy by visiting their website www.universityacademy.org.

Contact Information
Dr. Clement Ukaoma, Principal at Time of Nomination
6801 Holmes Road
Kansas City, MO, 64131-1382
(816) 412-5902

Student Demographics 2017

Number of students 9-12 217
Students eligible for subsidized meals 65%
Students receiving special ed services 3%
African American students 96%
White students 1%
Hispanic or Latino students 1%
Asian 1%
Student mobility rate 5%