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Art and Mindfulness

c_o_harrison ESC O Harrison Elementary School, (Cincinnati, OH). In art, students explore cultures and time periods, as they write and talk using art vocabulary. They make connections to art in daily life and develop new ways of expressing themselves and showing creativity. Students work through projects developed in line with Ohio Visual Arts standards, exploring the role of art in society, making visual connections to history, and guiding positive change and justice through art. The safe spaces promote students cultivating artistic behaviors, stretching creative thinking, and dealing with stress. The emphasis on mindfulness during work time is fostered by soothing music, breathing exercises, self-soothing techniques, journal prompts, and meditations. An example of a student project is when third-grade students sewed “Worry Monsters” that they could use to squeeze when they were feeling anxious or just needed a hug. In addition, the artwork focuses on the process of art making and self-expression through a variety of media, including painting, oil pastels, printmaking, ceramics, weaving, and fabric arts. The wide range of student masterpieces are displayed year-round throughout the local community. You can find original student art samples at area coffee shops, on walls of the high school, or framed at Oak Hills’ district office. At the end of the year, students’ art are proudly displayed at the District Art Show.

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