Volunteer Training, Literacy Volunteers, Videotaped Parent Academies

Liberty Corner School

Liberty Corner, NJ

Grades K – 5

students at liberty corner elemTrained parent volunteers, Literacy United Volunteers (LUV), help our Kindergartners navigate the initial stages of literacy. Volunteers are trained by our Reading Specialists in the Reading and Writing Workshop formats and in supporting at‐risk students to improve comprehension, word recognition, decoding and encoding, fluency, and apply reading strategies using the cueing system. These parent volunteers are invaluable: they provide additional one‐on‐one instruction to improve student reading abilities and overall academic achievement. Children gain in self‐confidence and self-esteem as they begin to exhibit progress and achievement through DRA scores, Slosson benchmarks, unit assessments, and reading inventories.

Families engage in numerous school‐related activities. The Sweetheart Dance, Mother/Son Bowling, Buddies n’ Books Café, Trial of the Big Bad Wolf, Battle of the Books, movie nights, PTO evening enrichment assemblies, Golden Guest and Pizza Night promote a sense of community and strengthen the culture and climate of our school. Additionally, parents collaborate with staff members on the Character Education Committee and the School Safety and the Crisis Management Teams, providing feedback from a parent’s perspective to enhance programs and initiatives and ensure the safety and well‐being of our students.

Volunteer trainings, LUV, and videotaped Parent Academy presentations enable parents to better understand our curricular goals and objectives and learn how to work more effectively with their own children while reinforcing and strengthening our home/school partnership and student achievement. When parents are informed and lines of communication are open, mutual respect is forged for the benefit of the children. Learn more about Liberty Corner School.