NBRS State Liaison Interviews—Missouri and Michigan

To be eligible for the National Blue Ribbon School award (NBRS), a school must be identified and nominated by its state’s Chief State School Officer (CSSO), or in the case of non-public schools, by the Council for American Private Education (CAPE).

State liaisons serve as the critical link between the CSSO and the National Blue Ribbon Schools Program. They develop state nomination plans, identify eligible schools from their states, support nominated schools through the application process, review application content, and promote NBRS schools statewide. In a series of podcasts based on interviews with six state liaisons and a representative of the National Catholic Educational Association, learn how the NBRS recognition benefits states and schools as models of excellence, how schools are chosen, the value of the application, and how participation in the program has influenced the liaisons’ work.  

The first two interviews are with Missouri liaison, Catherine Rust, and Michigan liaison, Erika Bolig. Rust reflects on her long history with the program and describes its impact on the Missouri Gold Star Schools. Bolig describes beginning her NBRS work after Michigan’s 10-year hiatus from the program, and the program’s vital role in Michigan’s ambitious new education goals.


For more information, please visit the FAQ page, which details the nomination process and criteria for both public and non-public schools. Contact your state liaison.

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