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Calling on Teacher Leaders

commit to leadAccording to a recent poll, while 69% of teachers feel their voices are heard in their schools, only 2% feel that they have a voice at the national level.

In March, the U.S. Department of Education launched Teach to Lead, a national initiative in collaboration with the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards, the NEA, AFT, and others to engage teachers as leaders in shaping the future of education. Read Secretary Arne Duncan’s speech to the National Board on teacher leadership and opportunities for transforming the profession.

As part of this effort, a new website, Commit to Lead, invites educators from across the country to share ideas for advancing teacher leadership. Short (1500 characters max) descriptions of problem-solving ideas will be posted on the Commit to Lead website.

Educators at National Blue Ribbon Schools are especially urged to join this national conversation. Your tenacity and creativity in supporting all students to meet high standards are a resource for schools and districts everywhere. Please take advantage of this opportunity to share your knowledge and experience.

1 thought on “Calling on Teacher Leaders

  • I believe an executive committee, one where a select teacher from each area of the faculty and the local school administration meet weekly to address specific needs of the school. It is a local school-based management focus-where each member has an equal say in what is decided. All local decisions run through this group. It gives the shared leadership a great platform, and encourages teachers to direct and lead, and not just follow established protocol. I have been a part of this type of group, and with the blessing from the school administration, who not only respected our judgement but also sought out our opinions, we were a force to be reckoned with-very powerful indeed!

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