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“That Woman” Was a Teaching Inspiration for Jeff Charbonneau, NTOY2014. Who Was Yours?

jeffrey charbonneau, 2014 teacher of the year

Jeffrey Charbonneau, of Zillah High School (Zillah, WA), 2014 Teacher of the Year

To celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week, here is 2014 National Teacher of the Year responding to an question after his speech at the 2013 NBRS Ceremony. A member of audience asked: “I was wondering if you had a teacher who inspired you, especially in the field of science.” Here’s how Jeff Charbonneau answered:

“I actually had two different inspirations. Okay, I’m lying. I had like a thousand inspirations, but two that really stick out.” Listen to Charbonneau’s response  (3:19) below.

Read a transcript of Jeffrey Charbonneau’s response.