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Passing It On: How NBR Schools Share “What’s Working”

After the celebrations wind down, how do National Blue Ribbon Schools share what they do so well with educators in other schools?

We’d love to know what your school does. Please let us know through share your story.

Meanwhile, here are some ideas shared by 2012 National Blue Ribbon Schools:

  • [Our school] serves as a model for other schools in our district who seek to increase both rigor and relevancy and the full integration of 21st century skills.
  • We do Professional Learning Community visits and many schools across the country have visited our schools and district for the work we are doing.
  • Schools are measured by ‘tangible’ evidence, and so much of what we do in every classroom is intangible. I would love to bring more attention to these aspects of education.
  • I have met with staff from other schools outside our district who wanted to see what we are doing and what they could learn from us.
  • We continue to work with our district to share ideas and collaborate to increase the collective success for all.
  • We have school visits throughout the year so that other systems can see what we are doing effectively in the classrooms.
  • We often invite visitors to our schools and share our strategies for success.
  • We will continue to provide workshops for local educators.
  • As members of a regional consortium, we have a plan to continue sharing strategy-building efforts, especially in the realm of Common Core adoption.
  • We will be presenting some of our reflections with other schools in the district and with the board.
  • Our district has district-wide grade level meetings where we have the opportunity to share what we are doing in our schools and classrooms that works.
  • We plan to continue to network with other schools to share ideas and best practices.
  • We have networked with three public schools in our county and are sharing ideas.
  • Within our district, we have in place a strong network of schools that work together to share ideas.
  • We are partnering with another school in our district that is where we were five years ago.
  • We share though emails, a blog, and social media.

Rolling out the Blue Carpet: Schools Highlight Their Success

Hosting dignitaries, creating essay contests, holding public celebrations, and more, National Blue Ribbon Schools showcase their successes  with energy and creativity.

How has your school publicized this national recognition? Please let us know through “Share Your Story.” And do send pictures.

Here are a few ideas culled from previous National Blue Ribbon Schools:

  • We had a community open house and received media coverage 
  • Our school board held its meeting at our school on the official announcement day and held a reception for faculty and staff.
  • The State Superintendent and First Lady of our state attended our awesome student assembly. 
  • The mayor read a proclamation at town meeting. 
  • We hung a Blue Ribbon banner across the train station. 
  • We planted blue flowers around the school
  • We created a video on “what makes our school great” with student and teacher comments.


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