Hopewell Elementary School 2009 NBR School

Taunton Public Schools
Taunton, Massachusetts

Three-fifths of the 350 Kindergarten through fourth-grade students who attend Hopewell Elementary School qualify for federally subsidized meals. Despite challenges, in 2009 Hopewell placed among the top ten percent of elementary schools in Massachusetts, a state with among the most rigorous education standards in the country.

Principal Thomas Quigley has led the school since 2005 alongside a leadership team comprising the vice principal, administrative assistant, and guidance counselor. Principal Quigley identified an empowered staff, a strong focus on reading, a rigorous district promotion policy, and building students’ social and emotional skills as keys to Hopewell’s success.

Accountability for All. A challenging district promotion policy prepares students for later success in school and life by ensuring that students don’t advance to the next grade level until they have mastered academic coursework and met homework completion and attendance requirements. A “21st century” report card makes a student’s progress easy to grasp. Despite its numbers of children who qualify for subsidized meals, Hopewell students perform at higher levels than students across the state or district. Read the transcript of “Accountability for All.”
Creating a Culture of Literacy. Local educator Ruth Bradley developed an innovative phonics program for early readers that been used successfully at Hopewell for many years. Dr. Bradley recently donated all of her program materials to Hopewell with the hope that it will be made available to other schools. Hopewell teachers also use a Literacy Closet and Readers’ Theater in creating a culture of literacy at the school; in response to a fall-off in student reading over the summer, they developed an extremely successful summer reading program. Read the transcript of “Creating a Culture of Literacy.”
Educating the Whole Child. Hopewell seeks to broaden students’ horizons through offering enrichment programs on Saturdays—a chess club, art classes, music classes, and Spanish classes, through involving students in community service, and through teaching students social and emotional skills to negotiate healthy relationships with others. Read the transcript of :Educating the Whole Child.”
Empowering Staff. Principal Quigley promotes an egalitarian approach at Hopewell and has transformed the role of teacher aides or assistants into powerful teaching collaborators. Read the transcript of “Empowering Staff.”

Contact Information

Hopewell Elementary School
16 Monroe Street
Taunton, MA 02780-6805
(508) 821-1240 FAX (508) 821-1356

Student Demographics
2009-2010 Academic Year

Demographic Feature Data
Number of Students K-4 343
Students eligible for subsidized meals 54%
Limited English proficient students   1%
Students receiving special education services   9%
White students 76%
Hispanic students 13%
African American students  6%
Asian students  1%
Average teacher turnover rate, last 5 years  4%
Student:Teacher ratio 19:1