2009 National Blue Ribbon School Profiles

Each year, the National Blue Ribbon Schools Program visits selected schools to capture their stories. Produced as audio slideshows, these school profiles feature the voices and images of principals, teachers, students, parents, and community members as they offer first-person perspectives on what makes their schools strive for—and achieve—excellence.

The six schools profiled among the 2009 National Blue Ribbon Schools are high-poverty, high-achieving schools that demonstrate the kind of excellence any school in America can achieve, with the right combination of people, will, and effort. The 2009 profiled schools comprise four elementary schools (Alice Coachman Elementary School, Albany, GA; Hopewell Elementary School, Taunton, MA; John S. Wash Elementary School, Fresno, CA;  and St. Mary’s Academy Charter School, Beeville, TX), one middle school (Sherwood Middle Academic Magnet School, Baton Rouge, LA) and one high school (Pompano Beach High School, Pompano Beach, FL).