Health and Wellness Strategies

The National Blue Ribbon School applications are a rich source of practitioner knowledge. The following samples were condensed from 2015 school applications that documented Health and Wellness instruction. The samples were selected for variety and do not represent the whole spectrum of health and wellness practices described in the 2015 applications.

images of students at Tulsa HSTulsa School of Arts and Sciences

Custom PE, Student Self-Expression

Students at Clairemont ElemClairemont Elementary School

Running, Gardening, Nutrition

Students at Hahaione ElemHahaione Elementary School

Bicycling, Swimming, Tennis

students at Newcomb ElemNewcomb Elementary School

Nutrition, Running, Exercise

students at Wyoming MiddleWyoming Middle School

Strength, Endurance, Self-Esteem

students at hellgate elementaryHellgate Elementary School

 Dance, Yoga, Wellness Field Trips