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Engineering for Everyone: A District Embraces A K-12 Curriculum: Mahtomedia Public Schools

Mahtomedi Public School District
Mahtomedi, MN

Following the success of the Mahtomedi High School’s engineering and 3-D fabrication lab (see the related video), district officials recognized that learning the engineering process would benefit all students.  Mahtomedi Public Schools introduced engineering at the middle and elementary school levels, linking it to the science curriculum and offering students opportunities to apply their science learning by designing and creating their own models and machines. But district leaders quickly realized that grade 6 was too late to start teaching engineering to all students, from pre-school through high school. Students may not realize they are being chemical engineers when they mix and remix PlayDoh, or electrical engineers when they design a matching game with circuitry to light a bulb when the answer is correct, but they are all being exposed to the design and engineering process. Along the way they learn persistence, the role of failure in improvement, and many technical and analytic skills. The district’s success has drawn visitors from around the country.

Download the transcript of Engineering for Everyone_ A District Embraces A K-12 Curriculum.

Contact Information

Dr. Mark Larson, Superintendent
Mahtomedi Public Schools
1520 Mahtomedi Avenue, Mahtomedi, MN 55115
Website: mahtomedik12.mn.us
Email: mark.larson@mahtomedi.k12.mn.us